CS 3891.04 / 5891.04 - Data Visualization


Week 1 (August 21): Introduction
Wednesday: Introduction to Data Visualization (slides, pdf)
Assignment 0 Posted
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 1
Recommended Reading: Visualization Zoo, The Value of Visualization, Ways that Vis Misleads
Week 2 (August 26): Graphical Marks and Visual Channels
Monday: Graphical Marks, Web-based Programming (slides, pdf, web-based visualization)
Assignment 0 Due Assignment 1 Posted
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 2.1-2.5, Murray Ch. 3
Recommended Reading: Protovis, Vega Marks
Wednesday: Scales, Visual Channels, Javascript (slides, pdf)
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 5.1-5.3, Murray Ch. 3, closures
Recommended Reading: Polaris, Layered Grammar of Graphics
Week 3 (September 2): D3
Monday: Selections (Javascript functions, D3: Selections and Data Joins)
Assignment 1 Due Assignment 2 Posted
Required Reading: Murray Ch. 6,12, selections, nested selections, joins
Wednesday: Data Joins (D3: Selections and Data Joins, Enter-Exit-Update Illustration)
Required Reading: Murray Ch. 6,12, selections, nested selections, joins
Week 4 (September 9): D3 Wrap up, Perception
Monday: Scales, Axes, Shapes, Tips & Tricks (D3: Scales, Axes, Shapes)
Required Reading: Murray Ch. 7,8, scales
Wednesday: Gestalt Laws, Preattentive Processing, Graphical Perception (slides, pdf, D3: Nesting and Stacking)
Assignment 2 Due Assignment 3 Posted
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 5.4-5.6, Gestalt Laws Pt. 1 Pt. 2, Graphical Perception
Recommended Reading: Attention and Memory in Visualization
Week 5 (September 16): Perception, Color
Monday: Ensemble Coding (slides, pdf, Area JND Staircasing)
Required Reading: Ensemble Coding Overview
Recommended Reading: Visually Extracting Averages, Visually Estimating Correlation
Wednesday: Color Spaces, Designing with Color (slides, pdf, D3: Color)
Assignment 3 Due
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 10.1-10.3
Recommended Reading: Categorical Color Design, Task-Based Color Design, Somewhere over the Rainbow
Week 6 (September 23): Spatial Arrangements
Monday: Single-View Arrangements (slides, pdf, D3 Examples)
Assignment 4 Posted
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 7
Recommended Reading: Horizon Plots, Unit Visualizations, Cartesian v. Radial
Wednesday: Multiple-View Arrangements (slides, pdf, D3 Examples)
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 12.1-12.2, 12.4
Recommended Reading: Composite View Design Space, Keeping Multiple Views Consistent
Week 7 (September 30): Interaction
Monday: View Manipulation, Selection (slides, pdf, D3 Examples)
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 11
Recommended Reading: Brushing SPLOMs, Brushing PCs
Wednesday: Overview+Detail, Multiple Coordinated Views (slides, pdf, D3 Examples)
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 12.3
Recommended Reading: Eyes Have It, Crossfilter, Configurable Linked Brushing
Assignment 4 Due
Week 8 (October 7): Tasks, Design, Midterm
Monday: Design Study Project, Midterm Review, Tasks/Design (midterm/project slides, midterm/project pdf, tasks/design slides, tasks/design pdf)
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 3,4
Recommended Reading: Scatterplot Tasks, Design Study Methodology, Five-Design Sheet
Wednesday: Midterm
Week 9 (October 14): Hierarchies and Graphs
Monday: Hierarchies, Treemaps, Node-Link Diagrams (slides, pdf, Examples)
Assignment 5 Posted
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 9.2 (trees only), 9.5
Recommended Reading: Treemaps, Squarified Treemaps, Tidier Trees
Wednesday: Graphs, Layouts, Arc Diagrams, Matrix Views (slides, pdf, FDG)
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 9.2 - 9.4
Recommended Reading: Force-directed Graph Layout, Multi-level Graph Layout
Week 10 (October 21): Guest Lectures
Monday: Bobby Bodenheimer: Virtual Reality
Wednesday: Fernanda Eliott: Cognition
— Project Team / Description Due
Week 11 (October 28): Geographic Visualization
Monday: Projections, Cartograms, Geometric Simplification (slides, pdf, D3: Maps)
Required Reading: Cartogram Survey
Recommended Reading: Dorling Cartograms
Wednesday: Choropleth Maps, Density Estimation (slides, pdf, D3: KDE)
Assignment 5 Due
Required Reading: KDE Interactive Article
— Project Proposal Due
Week 12 (November 4): High-Dimensional Data, Text
Monday: PCA, Manifold Learning (slides, pdf
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 13.4.3
Wednesday: Dimensionality Reduction continued, Text Visualization (slides, pdf)
Recommended Reading: tSNE, Parallel Tag Clouds
Week 13 (November 11): Uncertainty Visualization, Project Updates
Monday: Project Updates, Visually Communicating Probability
Wednesday: Uncertainty Vis (slides, pdf)
Required Reading: Visually Summary Statistics and Uncertainty
Recommended Reading: Hypothetical Outcome Plots, When(ish) is my Bus, Value-Suppressing Uncertainty Palettes
Week 14 (November 18): Spatial Data
Monday: Scalar Fields, Curves, Surfaces (slides, pdf)
— Project Prototypes Due
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 8.4
Recommended Reading: Rainbow Colormaps Harmful, Asymptotic Decider
Wednesday: Vector Fields (slides, pdf)
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 8.5
Recommended Reading: Comparing Vector Fields, Line Integral Convolution
Week 15 (November 25): Thanksgiving Break
Week 16 (December 2): Selected Topics, Wrap Up, Project Presentations (slides, pdf)
Monday: Selected Topics, Final Review
Wednesday: Project Presentations
Week 17 (December 9): Final Projects
Monday: Final Exam (9:00 a.m.)
— Final Projects Due