CS 8395-03 - Visual Analytics & Machine Learning


The project for this course covers the vast majority of your grade. It will span the entire semester. The project is structured in a manner similar to a research paper, and you should treat it as such. It is composed of the following pieces:

Each piece is described in more detail below.

Project Proposal (Abstract and Introduction)

The proposal will outline all aspects of the project, and should reflect the content of an abstract, and introduction, in a typical research paper. It is a document that you must write up, and should include the following:

Last, you will need to provide a Schedule for the project, on a week-to-week basis. This is essential. You should break up your schedule according to the individual project requirements (discussed in more detail in subsequent sections):

Proposal Presentations will be held on January 23rd. You will be expected to present your proposed work to the class, as a 5-minute presentation.

Project Proposals are due on January 28th. This refers to the document consisting of the above information.

The baseline should serve as your related work in a research paper. You will be responsible for the following:

Baseline Updates will be held on February 11th. At this time, I expect to see that the data is all set up, you have experimented with some existing visualization tools, you have settled on a visualization library that you will use for your baseline implementation, and you have made some progress on the implementation.

Baselines will be due on February 25th. You will be expected to have implemented your baseline in full. You should provide an accompanying document describing the features of the baseline. All of this should be on your GitHub project.

Baseline presentations will be held the week of February 25th. You will be expected to present related work to your project, not just the baseline. Then, you will be expected to explain, and demonstrate, your baseline. Plan for a 10-minute presentation.

Project Updates (Technical Approach)

The project updates are intended to keep you on track for completing your project; it is useful to think of these as fleshing out the technical approach section of a research paper. There will be two separate updates. No formal document is required. I will be using your project proposal as a means of evaluating your updates.

Project update 1 will be held on March 20. Plan for a 3-minute presentation.

Project update 2 will be held on April 3. Plan for a 3-minute presentation.

Project Presentation and Submission (Results)

The project presentation can be viewed as the results section of your paper. You will present to the class your project, and submit all code, along with a written document of your project.

Project presentations will be held on April 17th and April 22nd. Your presentation should be all-encompassing. What problem are you addressing? How is it an improvement over related work? What is your technical approach? And then, demonstrate your project. Showcase all of its features. What are its strengths and weaknesses? Show what insights you have found through your approach. Plan for a 10-minute presentation.

Final project submissions are due on April 26. Your final submission should include all of your code, a formal write up of the technical approach details, results which show your project in action, comparisons to your baseline, along with any relevant supporting results (timings, accuracy, etc..).