CS 3891.04 / 5891.04 - Data Visualization

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This is the course webpage for Data Visualization.


Matthew Berger

email: matthew.berger@vanderbilt.edu

remote office hours: TR 2:00-3:00, via Zoom


MWF, 3:00-3:50, FGH 258

Teaching Assistant

Ava Zhao

email: yayan.zhao@vanderbilt.edu

remote TA office hours: TBA


Go here for the syllabus.


Week 1 (August 24): Introduction, Javascript, SVG
Monday: Introduction to Data Visualization (slides, pdf)
Assignment 0 Posted
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 1
Recommended Reading: Visualization Zoo, The Value of Visualization, Ways that Vis Misleads
Wednesday: JavaScript, Observable Notebooks (notebook)
Required Reading: Murray Ch. 3, Observable Introduction
Recommended Reading: see JavaScript resources
Friday: SVG, D3: Selections (notebook)
Required Reading: Murray Ch. 3, 12
Recommended Reading: see SVG resources
Week 2 (August 31): D3, Visualization Design Principles
Monday: D3: Data Join (notebook)
Assignment 0 Due
Required Reading: Murray Ch. 6, 12
Wednesday: Data Join continued (notebook)
Assignment 1 Posted
Friday: Visual Encodings (notebook)
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 2, Ch. 5.1-5.3
Week 3 (September 7): Scales, Shapes, Perception
Monday: Scales (notebook)
Required Reading: Murray Ch. 7, 8
Wednesday: Scales, Shapes (notebook)
Assignment 1 Due
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 5.4-5.6, Graphical Perception
Friday: Graphical Perception (slides, pdf)
Assignment 2 Posted
Week 4 (September 14): Perception, Color, Single-View Arrangements
Monday: Preattentive Processing, Ensemble Coding (slides, pdf)
Required Reading: Attention and Memory in Visualization (Sec. 1, 2, 4), Ensemble Coding Overview
Recommended Reading: Gestalt Laws Pt. 1 Pt. 2
Wednesday: Color (notebook, slides, pdf)
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 10.1-10.3
Recommended Reading: Categorical Color Design, Task-Based Color Design, Somewhere over the Rainbow
Friday: Scatterplots (slides, pdf)
Required Reading: Scatterplots: Tasks and Designs
Week 5 (September 21): Single-View Arrangements
Monday: Scatterplots: Contouring (slides, pdf)
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 7
Recommended Reading: Bubble Sets, Asymptotic Decider
Wednesday: Stacked Arrangements (slides, pdf, notebook)
Assignment 2 Due, Assignment 3 (undergrad, grad) Posted
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 7
Recommended Reading: Horizon Graphs, Streamgraphs
Friday: Radial Layouts (slides, pdf, notebook)
Recommended Reading: Cartesian vs. Radial, Radial Time Series
Week 6 (September 28): Multiple-View Arrangements, Interaction
Monday: Multiple View Considerations, Small Multiples (slides, pdf, notebook)
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 12
Recommended Reading: Composite View Design Space, Guidelines, Keeping Multiple Views Consistent
Wednesday: Parallel Coordinates, Scatterplot Matrices (slides, pdf, notebook)
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 12
Recommended Reading: Scagnostics, Pargnostics
Friday: Interactions (notebook)
Written Assignment 1 Posted
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 11
Recommended Reading: Brushing SPLOMs, Brushing PCs
Week 7 (October 5): Geographic Data, Graphs
Monday: Geographic Data (slides, pdf)
— Assignment 3 (undergrad, grad) Due
Recommended Reading: Geographic Data Scales Map Lineups
Wednesday: Graphs (slides, pdf, notebook)
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 9.2 - 9.4
Recommended Reading: Force-directed Graph Layout, Spectral Graph Drawing
Friday: Graphs continued (slides, pdf, notebook)
Written Assignment 1 Due
Recommended Reading: NodeTrix, Comparison of Node-link and Matrix
Week 8 (October 12): Hierarchical Data
Monday: Treemaps (slides, pdf)
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 9.5, Treemaps, Squarified Treemaps
Wednesday: Tree Drawing (slides, pdf)
Programming Assignment 4 Posted
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 9.2 Tidier Trees, InterRing
Friday: Compound Graph-Hierarchies (slides, pdf, notebook)
Required Reading: Hierarchical Edge Bundling, GrouseFlocks
Week 9 (October 19): Design Studies
Monday: Defining Objectives and Tasks (slides, pdf)
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 4
Recommended Reading: Design Study Methodology, Design Activities
Wednesday: Sketching Designs (slides, pdf, notebook)
Required Reading: Five Design-Sheet Methodology
Recommended Reading: GeoVis Design, User-Centered Visualization Design
Friday: Design and Redesign (slides, pdf)
Programming Assignment 4 Due Programming Assignment 5 Posted
Recommended Reading: Design and Redesign, Design is a Search Problem
Week 10 (October 26): Dimensionality Reduction
Monday: Principal Component Analysis (slides, pdf)
Required Reading: Munzner Ch. 13.4.3
Wednesday: Nonlinear methods (slides, pdf)
Recommended Reading: Isomap
Friday: tSNE (slides, pdf)
Programming Assignment 5 Due
Recommended Reading: tSNE
Week 11 (November 2): Uncertainty Visualization
Monday: DR wrap-up, Visually communicating uncertainty (slides, pdf)
Required Reading: Dot Plots, When(ish) is my bus?
Wednesday: Visually comparing distributions (slides, pdf)
Required Reading: Visualizing Summary Statistics, Hypothetical Outcome Plots
Friday: Uncertainty in spatial data
Required Reading: Uncertainty Palettes, Hurricane Prediction Ensembles
Week 12 (November 9): Evaluating Visualization
Monday: Evaluating Perceptual Precision (slides, pdf)
Required Reading: Color Difference Evaluation and Modeling
Wednesday: Different Levels of Understanding (slides, pdf)
Required Reading: Bloom’s Taxonomy for Evaluation
Friday: Interaction, Bias (slides, pdf)
Required Reading: Bias May Occur
Recommended Reading: Measuring Insight, Patterns and Pace
Week 13 (November 16): Text, Project Prototypes
Monday: Text Visualization (slides, pdf)
Recommended Reading: Word Tree, Parallel Tag Cloud
Week 14 (November 23): Thanksgiving Break
Week 15 (November 30): Wrapup, Project Presentations
Monday: Final Review (slides, pdf)
Wednesday: Project Presentations, Pt. 1
Friday: Project Presentations, Pt. 2