CS 8395-03 - Visual Analytics & Machine Learning

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This is the course webpage for Visual Analytics & Machine Learning.


Matthew Berger

email: matthew.berger@vanderbilt.edu

office hours: TR 2:00-3:00, Zoom


MW 3:00-4:10, FGH 110


Go here for the syllabus.


Week 1 (January 25): Introduction to Visual Analytics
Monday: Course Introduction, Visual Analytics? slides, pdf
Required Reading: Visual analytics agenda, Scope of visual analytics
Wednesday: Fundamentals of Data Visualization: Visual Encodings, Perceptual Principles slides, pdf notebook
Assignment 1 Posted
Required Reading: A Layered Grammar of Graphics, Vega-Lite, Which Visualization?
Week 2 (February 1): Authoring Visualizations with D3 and Observable
Monday: Basics of D3, Observable Notebooks notebook
Required Reading: see resources
Wednesday: Designing visualizations with D3 notebook
Required Reading: see resources
Assignment 1 Due
Week 3 (February 8): Interactive Machine Learning
Monday: Components of visual analytics slides, pdf
Assignment 2.1 Posted
Required Reading: Knowledge generation in visual analytics, What may visualization processes optimize?
Wednesday: Interactive Machine Learning Interaction basics notebook, BERT probing notebook
Required Reading: The Role of Humans in Interactive Machine Learning, Human-Centered Machine Learning
Week 4 (February 15): Mixed-Initiative Visual Exploration, Pt. 1
Monday: Steerable Dimensionality Reduction, Pt. 1 slides, pdf, iPCA notebook
Required Reading: Visual Dimensionality Reduction, iPCA, Contrastive Learning, Brushing Dimensions
Wednesday: Steerable Dimensionality Reduction, Pt. 2 slides, pdf
Required Reading: Spatialization Semantics, InterAxis, AxiSketcher, Steerable tSNE
Assignment 2.1 Due
Week 5 (February 22): Mixed-Initiative Visual Exploration, Pt. 2
Monday: Exploring Topic Models dimensionality reduction slides, pdf, document representations slides, pdf
Assignment 2.2 Posted
Required Reading: ParallelTopics, HierarchicalTopics, TopicPanorama, Serendip
Wednesday: Project Discussions
Week 6 (March 1): Mixed-Initiative Visual Exploration, Pt. 3
Monday: Student presentations: Clustervision, ContraNA
Wednesday: Student presentations: PhenoLines, slides, pdf
Assignment 2.2 Due
Week 7 (March 8): Mixed-Initiative Visual Exploration, Pt. 4, Project Proposals
Monday: Student presentations: Visual Neural Decomposition, RegressionExplorer
Wednesday: Project proposal presentations
— Project Proposals Due
Week 8 (March 15): Visual Analytics for Model Understanding, Pt. 1
Monday: Models, Training, CNNs
Required Reading: Visualizing Deep Network Graphs, DeepTracker
Wednesday: Student presentations: Manifold, GAN Training Analysis
Week 9 (March 22): Visual Analytics for Model Understanding, Pt. 2
Monday: CNNs continued, Language Models slides, pdf
Assignment 3 Posted
Required Reading: Semantics in Word Embeddings, Interactions with Word Embeddings, NLIZE
Wednesday: Student presentations: DeepEyes, SEQ2SEQ-VIS, slides, pdf
Week 10 (March 29): Visual Analytics for Model Training, Pt. 1
Monday: Student presentations: Tempura, Diagnosing Concept Drift
Wednesday: Interactive Model Training slides, pdf
— Project Prototypes Due
Required Reading: iVisClassifier, Visual Document Classifier, Video Classifiers, Incremental Visual Data Classification
Week 11 (April 5): Visual Analytics for Model Training, Pt. 2
Monday: Constructing Topic Models slides, pdf
Required Reading: UTOPIAN, Progressively Learning Topic Models, HitL Topic Modeling, ALTO
Wednesday: Project Discussions
Week 12 (April 12): Visual Analytics for Model Training, Pt. 3
Monday: Student presentations: Speculative Execution Topic Modeling, Interactive Steering of Hierarchical Clustering
Assignment 3 Due
Wednesday: Ensembles slides, pdf
Required Reading: BEAMES, Data-Model Ensemble, Visual Architecture Search
Week 13 (April 19): Learning for Vis, Pt. 1
Monday: (Semi-)automatically generating statistical graphics and graph layouts slides, pdf
Required Reading: Draco, Data2Vis, Deep Drawing, Graph Latent Spaces
Wednesday: Student presentations: iSeqL, PlotThread
Week 14 (April 26): Learning for Vis, Final Project Presentations
Monday: Student presentations: NL4DV, Generative Graph Layouts
Wednesday: Project presentations
Week 15 (May 3): Project Submission
Wednesday: Final Project Submissions Due