Matthew Berger

Matthew Berger

Postdoctoral Scholar
University of Arizona, Department of Computer Science
Office: Gould-Simpson, 826

About Me

I am a postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Arizona, advised by Prof. Joshua A. Levine, and am a member of the HDC Lab here at UA. Previously I was a researcher with the Air Force Research Laboratory. I received my PhD in Computing from the University of Utah, where my advisor was Prof. Claudio T. Silva, and did my MS and undergrad in Computer Science at Binghamton University.

Research Interests

My current research interests are in the areas of visualization, computer vision, and machine learning. I am particularly interested in how machine learning techniques can help various visualization problems, across the spectrum of scientific visualization (scalar field and flow visualization) and information visualization (document visualization).


Matthew Berger, Jixian Li, Joshua A. Levine
A Generative Model for Volume Rendering
Under review (TVCG), 2017
(arxiv) (video) (project)

Matthew Berger, Joshua A. Levine
Visualizing Time-Varying Particle Flows with Diffusion Geometry
Under review (TVCG), 2017
(arxiv) (video)


Matthew Berger, Katherine McDonough, Lee M. Seversky
cite2vec: Citation-Driven Document Exploration via Word Embeddings
Infovis, 2016
(pdf) (video)

Lee M. Seversky, Shelby Davis, Matthew Berger
On Time-Series Topological Data Analysis: New Data and Opportunities
CVPR Workshop on Differential Geometry in Computer Vision and Machine Learning, 2016
(pdf) (project)

Matthew Berger, Lucas Magee, Eric Heim, Lee M. Seversky
Spatial Active Learning for Cost-Effective Sensing and Feature Extraction
ICML Workshop in Data-Efficient Machine Learning, 2016

Matthew Berger, Lee M. Seversky, Daniel S. Brown
Classifying Swarm Behavior via Compressive Subspace Learning
ICRA, 2016

Eric Heim, Matthew Berger, Lee M. Seversky, Milos Hauskrecht
Efficient Online Relative Comparison Kernel Learning
SDM, 2015

Pengzhi Gao, Meng Wang, Joe H. Chow, Matthew Berger, Lee M. Seversky
Matrix Completion with Columns in Union and Sums of Subspaces
GlobalSIP, 2015

Matthew Berger, Lee M. Seversky
Subspace Tracking Under Dynamic Dimensionality for Online Background Subtraction
CVPR, 2014

Matthew Berger, Andrea Tagliasacchi, Lee M. Seversky, Pierre Alliez, Joshua A. Levine, Andrei Sharf, Claudio T. Silva
State of the Art in Surface Reconstruction from Point Clouds
Eurographics (State of the Art Reports), 2014
(pdf) (project)

Esdras Medeiros, Harish Doraiswamy, Matthew Berger, Claudio T. Silva
Using Physically Based Rendering to Benchmark Structured Light Scanners
Pacific Graphics, 2014

Matthew Berger, Joshua A. Levine, Luis Gustavo Nonato, Gabriel Taubin, Claudio T. Silva
A Benchmark for Surface Reconstruction
ACM Transactions on Graphics, 2013
(pdf) (project)

Matthew Berger, Claudio T. Silva
Nonrigid Matching of Undersampled Shapes via Medial Diffusion
Symposium on Geometry Processing, 2012

Matthew Berger, Claudio T. Silva
Medial Kernels
Eurographics, 2012

Lee M. Seversky, Matthew Berger, Lijun Yin
Harmonic Point Cloud Orientation
Shape Modeling International, 2011

Matthew Berger, Luis Gustavo Nonato, Valerio Pascucci, Claudio T. Silva
Fiedler Trees for Multiscale Surface Analysis
Shape Modeling International, 2010